Fields of Expertise

Our law firm has been in this business for over 55 years. This gives us a unique experience in many legal fields…

civil litigation

Solnik and Solnik PC handles matters involving a lawsuit resulting from a dispute between private parties (individuals or corporations). Cases falling under the Civil Litigation area of the Law are usually concerning matters such as breach of contract, debt collection, malpractice or injury. If you have any questions or concerns involving a Civil Litigation case please call Solnik and Solnik PC at 416-767-7506.

commercial litigation

Solnik and Solnik PC handles Commercial Litigation matters such as partnership disputes, disputes between employer and former employees, injunctions relating to restraining a former employee from breaching an Employment Agreement and various other commercial disputes relating to both private and public companies and the enforcement of individual and corporate rights.


Solnik and Solnik PC acts for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporate clients. We offer a wide range of services from simple incorporations to complex re-organizations, mergers and acquisitions involving both private and public companies. If you are thinking of incorporating your business or taking your business public, our lawyers will guide you through the process in an efficient and professional way so that you understand the process and are confident that our firm will provide support during all phases of the growth. Our firm incorporates non-profit and charitable organizations and will assist in that regard.

debt collection

Solnik and Solnik PC acts for both individuals and Corporations who are owed money either by way of a promissory note, mortgage or other loan type transaction and require counsel to assist in collection on their behalf. We will also assist in the enforcement of Judgments by various means including conducting judgement debtor examinations, enforcing executions including foreclosure and power of sale under a mortgage and other matters relating to same.

employment law

Solnik and Solnik PC acts for both employers and employees. If you are wrongfully dismissed and want to consult a lawyer as to the termination or are being offered a severance package, Solnik and Solnik will properly advise you as to your legal rights. Manny Solnik also assists with the drafting and negotiation of Employment Contracts. Before you sign an Employment Contract, call Manny Solnik to learn about your legal rights and negotiate a contract that is appropriate in the circumstances. People, by not consulting a lawyer, very often agree to give up their legal rights by not negotiating their employment properly so it is very important that you have a lawyer review and negotiate the Employment Contract prior to signing.

Solnik and Solnik PC will also assist small and large employers by providing advice as to their legal rights and avoid potential problems when terminating an employee. In many cases Litigation may be avoided with the proper planning and assistance by an experienced professional. Solnik and Solnik has the experience required and has assisted clients for about 50 years. We advise on many employment matters including:
• Severance Packages;
• Wrongful Dismissal;
• Constructive Dismissal;
• Advice before termination;
• Employment Contracts;
• Human Rights; and
• Sexual Harassment and Discrimination and Bill 168.

general counsel

Solnik and Solnik PC acts for small and medium size businesses who cannot afford to hire a full time in- house lawyer to act on their behalf. Our firm acts on behalf of companies and provides general assistance on a very wide range of problems. If our firm does not specialize in a matter itself, we will oversee the work being done by outside counsel.

Management is often too busy to oversee legal issues relating to their company and our firm assists by simplifying the process, overseeing it and explaining the process while providing advice so that management is able to efficiently and quickly rectify these legal issues and concentrate on business. We take the mystery out of the law and guide you and your organization every step of the way.

medical malpractice

Solnik and Solnik PC handles serious medical malpractice cases. If you or a loved one has been involved in a medical malpractice, it is very important to contact us immediately to provide proper assistance in moving forward with your claim. It is very important that you seek the advice of a lawyer as soon as possible so your case is protected and prepared at the earliest possible stage.

powers of attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document whereby you appoint another person or persons to act on your behalf while you are alive but are unable to handle your personal affairs due to illness, incapacity, etc.

The Importance of a Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are increasingly popular in an era when the population is generally getting older. As one grows older, one not only has a greater awareness of his mortality (hence, the importance of a properly drafted Will) but also a heightened concern that he or she may suffer some illness which may result in a physical or mental incapacity.
While death is a certainty, a mental or physical incapacity is not. If such an incapacity should arise, a Power of Attorney is an effective way to deal with the management of your property and your personal care. Remember, your Power of Attorney must be signed by you when you still have the mental capacity to appoint an attorney.

There are two main types of Powers of Attorney:

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property which grants your appointed attorney the power to manage your assets;
Power of Attorney for Personal Care which grants your appointed attorney the power to make decisions on your behalf regarding your personal care, such as hiring nurses, determining the need for and selecting a rest home or nursing home and consent to treatment or surgery if needed. Under such a Power of Attorney, the attorney may opt to take or withdraw heroic measures to sustain one's life.

Restrictions and Conditions

Your Power of Attorney may be restricted by conditions that you place on your attorney. For example, a widely used restriction provides that the Power of Attorney shall not take effect until you are found to be incapable of managing your affairs by a qualified physician. Usually if the attorney appointed is someone other than one’s spouse, a person usually opts to have this restriction.

product liability

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a defective product please do not hesitate to call us for a free initial consultation. It is very important to contact a lawyer to advise of all your legal rights.

real estate

Solnik and Solnik PC has over 50 years of experience advising buyers and sellers on the process involved in buying or selling their properties including:

• Negotiating and drafting Agreements of Purchase and Sale;
• Advising with respect to Agreements of Purchase and Sale;
• Acting for buyers or sellers on purchases/sales for:
(a) new homes
(b) condominiums
(c) re-sale homes
(d) recreational properties
(e) vacant/development land
(f) investment properties ;
• Acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions;
• Advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability;
• Advising lenders with respect to debt or mortgage enforcement;
• Agency closings for purchase, mortgage or sale transactions;
• Negotiating and drafting Residential and Commercial Leases;
•Advising tenants with respect to Lease liability;
• Advising landlords with respect to lease enforcement;
• Consulting with respect to real estate disputes involving boundaries, rights of way, etc.;
• Negotiating and drafting business purchases/sales;
• Advising with respect to business purchases/sales; and
• Acting for buyers or sellers on all types of business purchases/sales.

Commercial Real Estate

We have extensive experience in transactions involving the acquisition, disposition, financing, construction and development of significant complex properties.
Our firm has been involved in many commercial real estate transactions including acting for vendors and purchasers on the acquisition and disposition of office buildings, shopping centres, industrial buildings and development properties.

personal injury

Solnik and Solnik PC has been assisting people who have been injured and whose loved ones have been killed, and/or who are experiencing difficulties with their insurance companies for over 50 years. Solnik and Solnik and their staff are a caring group of people who have helped thousands of people receive appropriate compensation for their injuries as a result of car accidents, slip and falls, and other life-altering events. The Firm has built a solid reputation for being compassionate to their clients and aggressive in their approach to obtaining compensation on their clients' behalf.

Our firm will meet with you (AT NO CHARGE) to discuss the circumstances surrounding your injuries and review what legal options which may be available to you. If we believe you have a strong case for compensation, we'll recommend the best course of action. Many of these types of cases are taken on a contingency fee basis which means that we charge a percentage of funds received by you as legal fees. If you do not receive any funds, we will not charge you anything for legal fees.

Our practice includes

• slip and falls
• motor vehicle accidents
• product liability
• medical malpractice
• wrongful death
• serious injury and death
• insurance claims including those for long term disability

wills and estates

Solnik and Solnik PC has over 50 years of experience in Estate Planning and Wills and Estates issues including :


• Review of assets and beneficiaries
• Appointment of Trustees
• Charitable Bequests
• Insurance Policies
• Family Succession
• Estate Freeze
• Testamentary Trusts
• Henson Trusts
• Will Drafting

Some unfamiliar but important terms:


A Will is a document signed by you whereby you direct to whom and the manner in which your assets are to be transferred upon your death. It can be as simple or as complicated as your specific needs require. If you die without a Will, your property will be dealt with in a manner prescribed by law without regard to what you might have wanted.

The Executor (also known as the Estate Trustee with a Will)

The Estate Trustee with a Will is the person or persons you appoint in your Will to control the flow of money into and out of your Estate and in some cases, to administer the assets of your Estate over a period of time. The powers of the Executor are set out in your Will and may be restricted by the terms of your will. Most people who are married appoint their spouses. However, your Will should provide for an alternate Executor, generally children or a trusted relative who would be the Executor in the event of the death or incapacity of the surviving spouse.


The Beneficiaries are those individuals who are to receive the assets of your Estate upon your death. Generally, the sole beneficiary of your Estate is your spouse. If your spouse predeceases you, the beneficiaries are generally your children, in equal shares, subject to the proviso, that should one of your children predecease you, the share of such child shall flow to that child's children (your grandchildren).


A Will is not an irrevocable document and may be changed or revoked by you at any time and as often as you want. Minor changes may be made by a codicil.

wrongful dismissal

Solnik and Solnik PC acts for employees who have been wrongfully dismissed. If you have been fired, laid off or offered a Severance Package, prior to signing any documents it is important that you contact our office immediately. An Employer may allege cause for dismissal and provide no termination pay, severance pay or other income. If this is the case, it is important that you call immediately and explain the complete facts of your case. In most cases, it is very difficult for an employer to establish cause to terminate employment and not pay appropriate pay pursuant to common law principles.

If you are being offered a Retirement or Severance Package, remember that employers are in business to make money. Initial offers are just that, and Employers will often increase proposals substantially when our Firm become involved in your case. Employers will often start with their bottom offer and our firm uses various techniques to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation in accordance with applicable law. Do not accept a package until you have discussed it with our office.

Please remember that the Employment Standards Act of Ontario sets out only the minimum amounts that an Employer must pay to an employee on termination. These minimum amounts are often substantially more at common law. Prior to accepting any offer on termination, ensure that you receive appropriate compensation by contacting Manny Solnik.